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This site suggests ways to use Christian camping to develop closer relationships so that at church, and from church, we can better fulfill the Great Commission. Specifically, we consider a camp event to be successful when camp guides (counselors) continue to disciple their five explorers (campers) after camp. Hence, the name of this website: Disciple5.

The material presented is primarily designed for the camp guide as he or she leads explorers on an adventure to encounter God.

The Old Tradesman – A Parable

From his death bed, an old tradesman gave his last words to his able laborer. “Go and make a life for yourself. Use what I have taught you over the years we have worked together. Capitalize on the God-given abilities you have and the gifts God has given you. Take control of the propensities, longings, and vision you have to serve your heavenly Father by bringing them into submission to his will. Remember how I taught you to pray. Strive to love God and love man. When you build a project for another, do it as if you were building it for yourself. When you leave the job site, leave it better than when you arrived, that is, make your life count by seeking God’s ways first. In giving possessions, which you steward, over to others, you may someday see that it was better to give than receive. Whether it was transference of monies, suffering to keep your word, transparency to communicate truth, endorsement to honor a good name, or turning away from a bribe, your reputation as seen through your actions and your craftsmanship will make a seal on the hearts of those who are looking. Your brand will be known.”

The old man coughed and took a sip of water, then continued. “As you go to make a life for yourself, bring others into our trade. Look for the able ones to pour into. There may be one who betrays you, but that is to be expected and it is not your worry. Each day before going to the job site, please, read the manual. Look for my notes there and remember me.”

The old man’s tools lay there at the foot of the bed. Neatly packed, hinges oiled, surface adorned with leather and brass; a chest of considerable value just itself. When the chest would be opened, there was, like a breeze, the smell of remembrancet was full of well-worn but very sharp chisels, saws, and planes. There were hammers, wedges, an ax and a rasp. The laborer, who was recognized as a son, received all these as an inheritance. More importantly, he received a legacy based on trust and relationship that had shown him, day by day, week by week, how to use the combination of his abilities and the usefulness of the tools to produce a life that followed the master's Master.

D uses X to apply Y, so that Y will have the result Z.

Discipleship uses the conveyance of relationship to administer the fear of God as the lens for the pilgrimage to grow up in Christ.


Train. Build. Invest.

Maybe you are a person like us. You strive for creative ways to impact others. You are looking for something different to make a meaningful connection with the people you are trying to encourage. Maybe you seek to fulfill the calling to disciple.

Do you want to up your game in ministering?
Do you want to give yourself a platform from which to disciple others?
Do you want to challenge yourself to develop skills that will enable you to know the felt needs of others so that over time, you can be a part of guiding them toward maturity in our redeemer, Jesus Christ?

If any of this is even remotely something you want, then, Disciple 5 presents an opportunity for you to improve what you love to do… reach people.

Make camp a platform where your character can be used by God to influence kids toward loving Christ.

A pill left in the bottle brings no healing.
Get out of the bottle!



In joining us, you are part of a growing community of camp ministry-minded action-oriented servants.

The Challenge: Work through your church. Work in your neighborhood. Work with your co-guide. The preparation is about you. The means is building trust with your explorers/campers at camp. The goal is about them. Disciple 5.




Master the material.

Train online and in-person.

Puzzel Pieces


Build relationships.

Build at the event. You earn your right to be heard.

Invest in campers


Invest in explorers.

Invest through the local church to serve others by directing them to see Christ.


Three Aspects of the Process

You. Community. Them.

About You: Experience personal development by way of the training and the process. Realize your ability as an individual and the awesomeness of the sovereignty of God. Understand how sin destroys and love restores. Practice wholeness as defined by being created in God’s image, being a fallen being, and maturing in salvation. Exercise grace that has been given to you to do Kingdom ministry. Exercise your spiritual giftings.

About Community: Work in a team. Take on interdependence. Lead by being responsible. Practice using small group dynamics. In humility, serve as an extension of the church. Build relationships at camp. Take what you learn from camp back to the church to serve better.

About Them: Give your time, be a presence; enter into a discipleship partnership. Model well. Nurture the creative potential of a new believer in Christ who is yielded to the growth process found in trusting God. Be blessed by giving and serving.

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