About Us

Disciple 5

A division of Camps International.

Train. Build. Invest.

Although there is nothing new under the sun, Disciple 5 is the result of years of proven experimentation that utilizes the Christian camp as its primary catalyst for ministry.

We believe that the Church is God's endorsed organizational instrument to implement His changes in human lives.

We believe the local church has done the vast majority of training of a guide/counselor/leader. Becoming a guide is a matter of exercising former teaching within a new responsibility, discipleship.

Our camp method supports the pastor by training members of the congregation to be an arm of the pastor’s efforts to do outreach, evangelism, and discipleship. We train the guides/counselors, orient them, and send them back to the church. The pastor is then blessed because the camp guide now is able to do even more than before at church. The local church has invested in systems that nurture the body of Christ. We train the guide to bring the explorer/camper back into this nurturing environment after he leaves camp.
Collaboration Between Church and Camp

We believe the camp guide will expand his/her abilities as he does volunteer work in the safe environment of the directed ministry experience found at camp.

We believe the better the guide is trained, the better the experience the explorers/campers will enjoy.

We believe that camp explorers of all faiths and non-faiths will benefit from a camp experience with a dedicated Christian guide.

We believe that starting camps is good for kids, good for families, and good for churches, and communities.

We believe that nature points to the Creator and is valuable for recreation, evangelism, and discipleship.


Core Values of Camps International

Concisely put...

We start camps and train guides/counselors to use them.

We saw a need...

Camps International was organized believing that a culturally adapted camp facility and program would bring lasting benefit to children, their families and churches. There are many children living in large cities and remote villages around the world with no access to the incredible influence of a Christian camp experience. We are working to change that.

The result...

Camps International assists local talent to start Christ-centered camps in places where there are none. We train counselors to accomplish outreach ministry for their church. Camps International creates Christian guide/counselor-centered autonomous camps that use a small group ministry focus before, during and after the camp event.

Camps International exists to facilitate the formation of Christian-youth-camp settings in the nations of the world, wherein these camp settings provide opportunities for the telling of the Good News of Jesus Christ.


We believe that Christian camping can assist church and family and thereby impact societies and cultures. In order to serve church and family we seek to uphold the authority and structure unique to each unit as it conforms to Scripture. We value the giftings and talents given to individuals and the institutions they form. We, therefore, strive to equip those who are entrusted to us so that they can best use camp as a tool to further their God given calling.


Our calling is to provide camp settings for people, especially youth, in which trained leaders facilitate directed learning experiences that relate creation and Christ.


Our intention is to glorify God by aiding individuals, families, organizations and local churches in presenting the Word of God to the needs of individuals through a trained staff within the environment of camping. We are determined to be about facilitating people in ministry, bringing people to Jesus and drawing people toward Christ-like maturity.

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