Safety Notes

Quick-Start Tips

Guide Participation

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Stilts Tips

Safety Notes for Explorers

Check your stilts for soundness and strength. Do not use stilts that are cracked or defective.

Everyone involved in the activity is to wear a helmet.

Choose ground that is hard. Stilt-walk on ground that does not allow the stilts to sink in.

Keep space between you and other stilt walkers. Stay apart. Practically speaking, keep a minimum distance of two lengths of your stilts.

Falling forward is safer than falling backward.

Quick-Start Tips For Stilt Walking

For ease of use, choose a set of stilts where the foot rest is closer to the ground.

Before mounting the stilts, put the stilt shaft behind your shoulders (not in front).

Use your hands (more than your feet) to lift the stilts and your feet. Don’t allow any space to form between the stilt and your foot.

There is a tendency for new walkers to let their feet move apart between steps. Intentionally keep your feet close together.

Guide Participation

Check equipment. Check that all stilts are sound.

Keep explorers safe.

Make sure all explorers have helmets.

Explain safety procedures.

Quickly explain the tips for stilt walking.

Allow explorers to start experimenting with the walking and balancing.

Monitor and enforce safe distances between explorers.

For explorers having more trouble than others, stand behind them and support the tops of their stilts.