So What is a Few Hours Of Study, Time at Camp, and Some Followup?

Let’s say you sign up for guide training. You practice activity skills. You memorize Bible verses. You learn basic evangelism. Then you go to camp. Maybe you impact a life. But maybe volunteering changes your life more than the explorer’s.

Consider David’s Story.

“I wasn’t looking for camp. Camp found me. Actually, it was my dad who volunteered me. I mean, I could have said no, but going to camp to help out as a guide sounded a lot more fun than working at the family business.

"My first night at camp I was really nervous. I had to present a simple Bible study to the little kids in my cabin. They were probably 10 or 12 years younger than I was; only eight years old. Yet, I was looking at myself instead of looking to help them.

"By the end of camp I was totally different. The explorers* had encountered God, and so had I. They had accepted Christ, and I had accepted the fact that God had used me to help make that happen. Of course the Holy Spirit was busy too. But I never forgot that as little as I knew about camp, God could use me to minister to others."



A volunteer camp guide is a person who offers to work with explorers as a service, voluntarily. They work without pay. They assume the obligation of a pseudo-guardian-teacher while at camp. Before and after camp, through their church, they will potentially minister as a discipler of Jesus Christ to some of the same explorers.


* Explorer: the person, adolesent, child that comes to camp to make friends and experience God.


When he took time to help the man up the mountain, lo, he scaled it himself.
– Tibetan proverb

A volunteer camp guide assumes the obligation of a pseudo-guardian-teacher while at camp. They will potentially minister as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

According to the information presented about volunteering, which is most likely:
1) The explorer/camper is helped by the volunteer.
2) The volunteer camp guide is helped by the explorer.
3) The explorer and the volunteer are both changed at camp.

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The answer we suggest is: [3]

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